Delilah and curse removal (SH good acess)

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Delilah and curse removal (SH good acess)

Hi there,

Im trying to figure out why Delilah wont remove my balork's mark (silver feather reward). I completed the 6 royal key quest and gave Delilah the cuthana. I tried to say curse or Remove balork's mark but she keep telling me the demon is deep somewhere in Arakas (as if I did not kill it).

So I returned to kill Balork and then headed back to her but still she wont give me the silver feather.

Any idea? Help!

other info:
Yes I did swear fealty to Chamberlan Thomar and I am Champion of light.
I am lvl 49, (does I need to be 50 or its only required for Zhakar's teleport?)